I’ve never heard of leftover Bloody Mary mix, but if you happen to have some, here are some clever things to do with it. Come to think of it, just get yourself an extra bottle or two so you’re ready for any sort of culinary adventure.

Bloody Mary Cornbread Stuffing

Easiest stuffing you’ll ever make, and the tastiest too! Ingredients: 4 cups corn bread cubes 1 cup chicken stock 2 or 3 oz Portland Bloody Mary Mix 1 tsp fresh sage 4 celery ribs, chopped into small pieces 1 small jar of garlic-stuffed olives 4 Strips Bacon Directions: 1. Chop bacon and cook over low…

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Pickleback Bloody Mary

3 oz Portland Bloody Mary Mix 1.5 oz pickle juice 1.5 oz bourbon Shake everything together over ice.

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Dark ‘n Stormy Bloody Mary

2.5 oz Eastside Distilling Ginger Rum 4 oz Portland Bloody Mary Mix 2-3 Tbsp Jagermeister Shake with plenty of ice. Pour into glass and add a float of Jagermeister on top. Garnish with celery stick and wedge of lime.

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