If you have leftover Bloody Mary mix, you’re bad at adulting.

…but here’s a handy compendium of ideas for what to do with leftover Bloody Mary mix, should there be any.

Think outside the box! Soups, salads, chili, dip, marinade…the list goes on. If you really wanted to, you could design a whole dinner from appetizer to dessert based on nothing but scrumptious Bloody Mary recipes. Check these out:


Leftover Bloody Mary mix makes seconds!
What’s leftover Bloody Mary mix?

But if you consistently find yourself with Bloody Mary mix you don’t know what to do with, maybe you need to switch up your drinking game. You’re already using the very best mix around, but why not jazz it up with infused vodka? Like:

Smoked salmon

What recipes have you come up with on your own? Sharing is caring! Tell us about it in the comments below.