I’ll have what Giselle’s Having.

Ever wonder what keeps us supermodels looking so great? Take it from me,  it’s the Bloody Marys we drink backstage and on our private jets.  Portland Bloody Mary Mix, for instance, has zero fat, it’s loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and fiber, and — here’s the kicker — turns out tomato juice actually burns fat! Read on…

Nutrition Facts

Calories 25
Total Fat     0g
Sat. Fat     0g
Cholesterol     0mg
Sodium     350mg
Total Carbs.     6g
Dietary Fiber     1g
Sugars     3g
Protein     1g

Want to burn those 25 calories and become America’s Next Top Model? Do one of the following:

*  floss your teeth
*  read a magazine article about your competition
*  cross and uncross your legs a couple of times
*  yell at your agent
*  bat your eyelashes for a whole minute

Here’s the really cool part!

According to researchers at Arizona State University, vitamin C has a direct effect on the body’s knack for turning fat into fuel. Inadequate levels of  ascorbic acid correlate to higher numbers on the scale and larger waistline measurements. Tomatoes are  a fabulous source of vitamin C…did you know 1/2 cup of tomato juice provides nearly half of the recommended amount of vitamin C for women? With just one Bloody Mary a day, you’ll be camera-ready in no time flat.