Salt: the forgotten food group

Portland Bloody Mary Mix is very low in sodium, but  your garnish (bacon? olives?) may not be. If you’re worried about ingesting too much sodium, you might be surprised to learn that there is a lot to be gained from a little indulgence now and then. As always, though, consult your health practitioner before you make any changes in your diet!

I’ve been researching some facts about salt that might interest you.


Salt is composed of lots of nifty minerals.

Sodium: -Helps in lowering acidity and purifies the blood.
Chlorine: – Gets rid of foreign elements in your gut.
Calcium: – Helps in formation and growth of bones.
Phosphorous: – Helps sharpen your brain.
Iron: – Improves the blood, for better energy.
Manganese: – Helps to balance electrolytes.
Potassium: – Strengthens the nerves, heart & liver.
Copper: – Contributes to iron absorption.
Sulpher: – Purifies blood and skin.
Silicon: – Helps to strengthen eyes and ears.
Magnesium: – Aids in relaxation.
Fluorine: – Strengthens the bones and controls acidity.

What can salt do for you?

1. For indigestion, poor appetite, and constipation: Dissolve 5 grams of black salt in hot water in the morning, and drink it all in one go. No sipping.

2. For gas: Drink one or two teaspoons of onion juice along with a little kosher salt after meals.

3. For headaches: Hold a pinch of salt on your tongue for a minute or so, and then drink some cold water. Or, your can mix up some salt water (in 1:20 ratio) and smell it until your headache is gone.

4. For dandruff: wash your hair with salt water.

5. For dry skin: rub your skin salted ghee or coconut oil, then rinse off.

6. For pimples: apply ginger juice mixed with rock salt.

7. For nausea: sip ginger and lemon juice mixed with rock salt.

8. For a cough: boil a glass of water with rock salt, black pepper, and turmeric. Drink as soon as it’s cool enough.

9. For toothache: rinse your mouth regularly with salt water.

10. For bug bites: rub salt on the area. Just for good measure, drink some salted water too.

11. For dog bites: mix equal parts of ground garlic and salt, and rub it on the affected area.

12: For increasing your chance of giving birth to a boy: eat saltier food beginning 6 weeks before conception.

Salt. It’s not just for Bloody Marys anymore!