Minimal Magnetism

Have you read the book, “The 100 Thing Challenge?” It’s written by a man to comes up with a way to declutter his life, to the point where he can live with only 100 objects for an entire year. Talk about minimalism!

I was so inspired by this guy that I decided to get rid of most of my things, too. It took a while, but I went through every item in  my kitchen, my bathroom, my closet, my office, my car…everything. A hundred things sounds like a lot, but believe me, when you look at years of accumulated stuff, it’s really not.

The result? Well, as of right now, I’m down to:

1. 100 shades of eyeshadow
2.  100 dietary supplements
3. 100 pairs of Spanx
4. 100 bottles of wine
5. 100 apps on my phone
6. 100 jeweled bobby pins

I am still working on my shoe collection. I have it narrowed down to 110 pairs, and I hope to get it down to 100 in the upcoming week.

Speaking of minimalism, try this Bloody Mary. It’s only got 2 ingredients, and it will help you drown your sorrows after you drop your treasured possessions off at Goodwill.

In a world of outrageous Bloody Marys, sometimes less is more.

1.5 oz vodka
3 oz  Portland Bloody Mary Mix

Serve over ice. No garnish needed. You will need a glass, though. Straw optional.