What does your cocktail say about you?


James Bond has his martini, shaken not stirred. Homer Simpson has Duff beer. Donald Draper has scotch, and lots of it. In these cases, each character’s signature drink helps define them even before they’ve said anything. If you’re a Bloody Mary drinker, what does that tell people about your character?

what does your cocktail say aobut you?
What does your cocktail say about you?

* You’re not in a hurry. You’re able to commit to what amounts to a small meal in a glass.
* You’re enough of an adult that your tastes don’t run toward pastel-colored candy over ice. You’re into thick, savory yumminess you can sink your teeth into.
* If you’re drinking one first thing in the morning, you’ve most likely got an interesting story to tell about last night.
* You know how to take care of yourself. Bloody Marys are packed with good-for-you ingredients that give you amazing night vision, luminous skin, a strong immune system, and a simmering libido. All of these things will be obvious to that hottie next to you at the bar.
* You’re well-versed in the classics. Bloody Marys have been around nearly a hundred years. Can you say that about Scoobie Snacks?
* You’re playful. There are, as you know, at least 45 ways to craft a Bloody Mary, and the creativity seems to have no end. Show a little extra flair and ask for one with bitters or a Guinness float.

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