Nothing Says “Summer” Like A Freshly Grilled Bloody Mary

Just when you thought you’d grilled everything, along comes a grilled Bloody Mary.


Here’s a video showing you how you can prepare freshly grilled Bloody Marys at home, step by step. Because after all, nothing says “summer” like a freshly grilled Bloody Mary.

And for you hands-on learners, here’s the recipe all spelled out (no video):

I have to say I have not grilled an entire Bloody Mary, but grilled hatch peppers in a homemade mix are to die for. I’ve always been a sucker for crispy charred edges on my food in general. I don’t cook steaks well done on purpose, but when I do, I’m a happy girl.

Have you ever made a grilled Bloody Mary? Does this make you want to try? Let me know how it goes!