I’m not kidding: try red wine in your Bloody Mary


Wine cocktails are nothing new, but mixologists are constantly on the lookout for new drinks that feature wine, from red wine to champagne. Some people cringe at the thought of creating a new beverage out of a product that already tastes complete. On the other hand, Oliver Scutts, who works for the Marlborough wine label Rochfort Rees, explains that adding New Zealand wine to create La Sangria Robada Rosé is a business strategy to expose his product. Like others looking to market their own products, he was looking for a new, appealing and innovative way to showcase his. “My rosé is a stand-alone fantastic product, but I also think it is interesting and fun for young and older people to be able to enjoy it in a variety of ways,” he says.

Wines are quite versatile not only in terms of food pairings but also with cocktails. Common brunch cocktails such as mimosas and sangrias contain flavors that appeal to practically everyone. Because wine can cater to the taste of many, retailers ought to provide DIY kits that package the necessary ingredients for wine cocktails. Turns out, they already are! Recently, Marks and Spencer launched their Taste of Spain kit, consisting of oloroso sherry and Piquillo peppers, which adds a new layer of flavor and body to alternative Bloody Mary mixes and to Bloody Mary-based dishes.

If you want to create your own, however, you must provide body to the cocktail, and adding red wine to a Bloody Mary is a perfect way to do that. Although the main spirit of the cocktail is typically vodka, a dash of red wine will provide the fruity undertones that the Bloody Mary needs.

In a highball glass with ice, combine the following ingredients:
· 2 ounces of vodka
· Dash of red wine
· Dash of dry sherry
· 4 oz Portland Bloody Mary Mix

After stirring, garnish the cocktail with a celery stick and a cherry tomato. Enjoy!