Like tweeting, only boozier & less political

Hello, friends! This month I’ve rounded up 10 of the juiciest Bloody Mary tidbits I’ve come across lately. Everything’s here – from recipes to jaw-dropping photos to cool serving suggestions – all laid out in at-a-glance, 140-characters-or-less format. After you’ve looked at everything, why not share/tweet/pin your favorites, or the whole doggone list maybe? Then, tell me what you liked the best in the comments below.

Hangover Helpers:

15 of the craziest Bloodies I’ve ever seen, and they’re all in Chicago. Road trip, anyone?

See how a professional chef stocks her DIY Bloody Mary bar.

Not your typical Michelada-type beer cocktail.

A healthy Bloody Mary, just in time for bikini season:

Seriously? A Bloody Mary with only 2 ingredients?

Fun poolside reading:

Organic Bloody Marys:

The cutest li’l Marys you’ll ever see.

Cool off in a hurry with these Bloody Mary popsicles!

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