Last minute gifts for your Bloody Mary lovin’ mom


Dear Judy,
I have no clue what to get my mom for Mother’s Day. She already has everything, and whatever shiny new object she shows an interest in, she just orders on Amazon Prime. The only thing I know she loves is Bloody Marys. Help!

Sincerely, Giftless in Seattle

Dear Giftless,
Happy Mother’s Day to your lucky mama! It just so happens that I’ve put together a little look book of my top 5 Bloody Mary gifts, designed to make your shopping easy-breezy.

How about some earrings? Every mom loves earrings. Just look how cute these are:

Do your mom’s feet get cold, especially in this unpredictable spring weather? She’ll appreciate these socks, and think of you every time she wears them.

Or maybe your mom likes to travel. My son gave me this kit for Christmas last year, and I had so much fun using it on my next trip. I so fancy.

Then again, there’s always my book! She’ll love the vintage photos, the quirky recipes, and my sarcastic sense of humor.

And my personal favorite (are you paying attention, children?): this adorable little handbag and matching passport holder!

Whatever you choose, I’m sure your mom will love you for it. And if she doesn’t, you’ve bought yourself a cool little gift! Either way, it’s a win!