About the mix

As far as Google and I can tell, this is the only Bloody Mary mix that is vegan, gluten-free, low in sodium, certified kosher, all-natural, and made locally in small batches. The bottle it comes in is made from post-consumer recycled glass, and the labels are made of paper sourced from FSC certified forests. What does that mean for you? It means I went to great lengths to make it all as guilt-free as possible, while honoring that Portland thing where we get to feel virtuous about everything…even our vices.

Portland Bloody Mary Mix is thicker than you usually see, because there’s nothing worse than a watery Bloody Mary. And it tastes terrific with any kind of booze: vodka, of course, but also gin, tequila, beer, rum, bourbon, aquavit…you name it.  Spin it your own way.

And wait til you cook with it! Have a look through the recipes on here to get you started, but really, the sky’s the limit. Be sure to keep enough Portland Bloody Mary Mix on hand so you’re ready for anything from morning hangovers to late-night suppers.

About me

I’ve been writing and speaking about Bloody Marys since 2008, and drinking them for a whole lot longer than that. I think I must have had them every possible way. I created Portland Bloody Mary Mix with 3 goals in mind: it had to meet my rigid standards for quality, flavor, and eco-friendliness. I wouldn’t put my name and my mother’s gorgeous gams on a product that delivered less than the best.