Q: Why is Portland Bloody Mary Mix vegan?

A: The short answer is, because Worcestershire sauce contains anchovies, and I don’t use it. I use WanJaShan, which is made in upstate New York. In the earliest days of crafting my recipe, I wanted to work with WanJaShan because they approach food the way I do: with a passion for clean, sustainable ingredients, social and eco-friendly business practices, and commitment to zero waste. WanJaShan is also gluten-free and certified kosher. Plus, I fell in love with that heavenly umami flavor that tastes salty, but isn’t!

Q: Why is Portland Bloody Mary Mix gluten-free?

A: There is only one kind of vinegar that’s gluten-free, and that’s Heinz white vinegar. I use it in my Bloody Mary mix because I myself avoid gluten on the advice of my naturopath, and many people I know do too. Besides that, I believe that the chemicals used on grain crops in this country are best avoided by everyone. This was an easy switch to make, because I think Heinz has good flavor and its low price point helps keep my manufacturing costs reasonable.

Q: Why is Portland Bloody Mary Mix kosher?

A: The Bible lists the basic categories of food items which are not considered kosher. These include certain animals, fowl, fish, most insects, and any shellfish or reptile. Obviously most of those don’t come anywhere near a batch of Bloody Mary mix, but insects can and do get into the building with the fresh vegetables. To certify Portland Bloody Mary Mix as kosher, a qualified Rabbinic Field Representative by the name of Tuvia Berzow physically visited and toured my production facility, which included inspection of each ingredient, and filed a written report which was then reviewed by the Rabbinic Coordinator. Fortunately, I passed with flying colors on the very first try! What does kosher certification mean to you? It ensures high standards for purity, adherence to dietary restrictions and laws as well as transparency in labeling.

Q: How long can I keep my bottle of Portland Bloody Mary Mix?

A: An unopened bottle will stay fresh for 2 years. If you look closely on the bottle’s shoulder (near the neck), you’ll find the “best by” date printed there in black ink. Once you open your bottle, you can keep it in the fridge up to 90 days. But seriously, why hang on to it for so long? I’ll make more! One word of warning: I’ve found that the longer it sits around, the spicier it gets. Your mileage may vary…